The UVic Formula Motorsport Roster

The UVic Formula Motorsport team is a collection of bright students with the goal of furthering their careers by participating in a hands on club. Our members taken on many projects that they research, design, develop and evaluated during their time on the team. The following list contains of a list of members that have completed at least one project on our team as well as their classification within the team.

MemberExperience LevelPast Projects
Stephen BradleySenior DesignerUV19 Project Manager
Payton ChernoffJunior DesignerSprings evaluation
Lane HampsonJunior Designer
Lewis JanzenSenior DesignerUV16, UV17 and UV18 Chassis Lead
Alexander MacKenzieJunior Designer
Logan O'ReilySenior DesignerUV19 Brakes, UV19 Bell Cranks, UV19 Suspension and Brakes Lead
Koleton ParrishJunior DesignerUV20 Custom Mufflers
Avery ShredSenior Designer
Eldin Miller-SteadSenior DesignerUV19 Corner Assembly, UV19 Curved Front Wing, UV19 DRS
Blake StozerSenior DesignerUV19 Front Wing Mounting, UV19 Front Wing, UV19 DRS,
Oliver WicklundSenior DesignerUV18 Carbon Fiber Suspension, UV18 A-Arm Nodes, UV19 Carbon Fiber Suspension, UV19 A-Arm Nodes
Ariana WilsonSenior Designer

CRP 3D Printing
Prototype Equipment Design
Foreman CNC
AVL Racing
GA Industries