Michigan FSAE Competition

Formula SAE is an international collegiate design competition focused on innovation and the development of upcoming industry leaders. The premise of the competition is the development of a small Formula-style race car that is intended for weekend autoX racing. Each team designs, builds, and tests a fully functional prototype around competition rules to score the most points in each event. The competition consists of a static portion and a dynamic portion. The static events consist of an evaluation by industry experts of student designs, cost breakdown and a business case. The dynamics events focuses on vehicle and driver performance with five track events.

Design Presentation

In the design event, we demonstrate our process, theory, calculations and simulations to judges from the motorsports, automotive, and aerospace industries. While exhibiting different vehicle aspects we explain our design development, data collection and overall engineering approach for critical systems and components.


The acceleration portion of this event consists of a 75 meter (246 foot) straight line track were the vehicle is tested based on the elapsed time from start to finish.

Skid Pad

The objective of the skid pad test is to test the vehicle’s lateral acceleration and consistent-radius turning capabilities. Drivers direct the vehicle through a figure eight patterned track in the shortest amount of time possible.


The autocross event tests the car and driver over numerous course types all in one track. The course includes straights, constant turns, hairpin turns, slaloms, chicanes, and multiple sequential turns. This event is scored based on the team's best elapsed time.

Endurance and Efficiency

The endurance and efficiency event tests the vehicle’s durability, reliability, and efficiency over a 22km track. This track is similar to the autocross event, though requires two drivers who switch at the 11km point. Unlike the other events, the two drivers total lap times and fuel consumption are counted cumulatively towards a total score. This event is highest weighted event often considered the best evaluation of overall performance.

Business Presentation

Our business team presents to a set of judges that evaluate the team’s business case. This case is based on the premise that we are an engineering team contracted by a manufacturing company to pitch our design and proposed marketing strategy for a weekend autocross racer. In this, we must show how the team’s plan can meet the demand of the target markets at a reasonable price.

Cost Presentation

We present our cost report, which is a full cost estimate of materials and processes, based on standardized cost tables, that would be involved in an actual production run. This event encourages us to incorporate cost-effective design and manufacturing methods in the vehicle development.

Current World Standings

3rd Western Canada

13th Canada

65th North America

175th Worldwide

Michigan 2019 Highlights

58th Overall

19th Design

25th Autocross

18th Skidpad

Michigan 2018 Highlights

49th Overall

Reached Design Finals

16th Design

18th Cost

Michigan 2017 Highlights

16th Overall

11th Design

15th Endurance

Michigan 2016 Highlights

27th Overall

19th Efficiency

24th Endurance

Michigan 2015 Highlights

20th Overall

11th Acceleration

20th Endurance

29th Autocross

Michigan 2012 Highlights

22nd Cost

40th Skidpad

44th Design

45th Acceleration

Michigan 2010 Highlights

78th Overall

41st Design

56th Cost

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