UV19 Features

The 2019 car proved to be one of the teams most ambitious undertakings in the last several years due to the many changes made to the design of the cars and to the teams design philosophy. With the decision to move from 13" to 10" wheels in a goal to reduce the overall vehicle weight and become competitive with the top tier teams. As well it was decided to switch engines from an outdated Honda CBR600F4i to a newer Honda CBR600RR due to the lack of available parts for the older engine. These choices resulted in the majority of the parts from the 2018 car to be unusable on the 2019. So the decision was made to keep the 2018 car for driver training resulting in the need for UV19 to be built from the ground up.

The 2019 car features many newly engineered components, such as a new intake and exhaust system, new hubs and uprights to accommodate the new 10" centerlock wheels, a curved front wing, DRS system on the rear wing and many more fascinating components.

The team faced a lot of adversity in the 2019 year, from an engine blowing up, to suspension carbon fibre a-arm bond failure, to having the entire steering assembly stolen with less then 2 weeks before competition. Despite the difficult times the team was faced with throughout the season they were able to pull through and make it to competition with a completed car and compete with their fellow engineers. Although the 2019 FSAE Michigan finish was not the best result the team has had as compared to previous years the entire team was grateful to have been rewarded for their hard work by making it to competition. The team is grateful for all of the sponsors and individuals who supported them throughout the 2019 season and hope they will continue to do so in the coming 2020 season.

Car Number92
ColorYellow with red and blue stripes
Frame4130 Chromoly steel space frame
AeroCarbon Fibre: 4-Piece Body, 3-Element Curved Front Wing, 5-Element Rear Wing, and 3-Element Side Wings
SuspensionIndependent unequal length carbon fibre A-arms, with pullrod and pushrod actuated Ohlins dampers
Wheels10" Centerlock OZ one-piece magnesium.
EngineHonda CBR600RR with Link Thunder ECU
Power/Torque90 HP @ 13500 RPM/50 ft·lbs @ 10000 RPM
Fuel94 Octane Race
Transmission6-speed Sequential
ShifterElectro-pneumatic, button-actuated shifting system resulting in sub-100ms shifts
Final Drive#520 chain, 11:37 ratio
Brakes, FrontFloating 7" Steel Rotors, Brembo Calipers
Brakes, RearFloating 7" Steel Rotors, Brembo Calipers
Track, Front/Rear48″/46″
Overall Length/Width/Height114.8″/56.5"/47"
Weight466 lbs / 211 kg
Weight Distribution, Front:Rear48.1:51.9
75 Metre Sprint4.935 s
Top Speed150 km/h
Lateral Grip2.0 g
Braking1.44 g













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